The Journey Begins …

Thanks for joining me! 

Every corner of this planet is in turmoil … every nation seems to be on the verge of collapse … morals and decency are at an all time low … mainstream media cannot report the news without telling a lie … an agenda driven want-to-be hierarchy intends to rule Earth.

Is this the “End of Days?

Not if we collectively fight back.  Unfortunately, our wildlife populations have become just “another tool” of the liberal left to force people off the land and into “Safe Cities”.  The entire world is now under attack by the United Nations, which is hell bent to achieve what they have referred to as AGENDA 21.  Here in America, under a number of names such as the “Wildlands Network” and the “Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative”, radical environmentalist have already made some serious inroads into “Your Right” to live where you want … to own property … to hunt … to fish … to enjoy the wild outdoors.

The goal of the U.N. is to be the “One World Government” … which intends to reduce the human population of this “Third Rock From The Sun” by as much as 90-percent … to establish where all humans are allowed to live … what you do for a living … and to revert more than half of Planet Earth back to wilderness cores and corridors … where YOU cannot travel … and where wolves, bears, lions and other major predators will manage game populations … NOT HUMAN HUNTERS.

If this all sounds ludicrous to you … you have some serious catching up to do!  Come back often … and learn all you can about the biggest threat to both America’s wildlife … and America’s human life.

America’s Wildlife     

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

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